Entrepreneurship And Natural Medicine Evaluation

Entrepreneurship And Natural Medicine Evaluation

The treatment that is done by using natural materials and natural ways is known to be as natural medicine. Natural medicines are useful to a great extent but at the same time they can be harmful, if not used properly. Their quantity or the dosage must be according to the given instructions otherwise they can cause adverse effects.

I came across this inspiring story of a 78-year old by Julie Wilson at naturalnews.com and I think you should read it too:

78-year-old drug-free holistic healer in best shape of his life and it’s not because of Western medicine

Monday, December 14, 2015
by: Julie Wilson

The following is a snippet from Dr. David Tanton’s book A Drug-Free Approach to Healthcare, detailing how whole body health improves when you kick your prescription drug dependency to the curb.

At 73 years of age, (today Dr. Tanton is 78) I use absolutely no prescription or over-the-counter drugs, and find no reason what so ever for doing so. Forty-five years ago, at the age of 28, I weighed 205 pounds, had allergies, and often caught colds.

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How it works?

Natural medicines may include the use of herbs, sunlight, exposure to the fresh air and also the applications involved hot and coldwater. Mainly, natural medicine involves all the methods that are entirely from nature.

Headaches and migraines are becoming more and more common. Read this post at acupuncturesanantonio.com to learn how they can be treated with acupuncture:

Headaches and Migraines

I’m sure that your headaches and migraines are difficult to deal with and interfere with your life on many days. You might have tried conventional prescription and non-prescription solutions but popping pills every day just seems to keep you going in circles.
In natural medicine we consider headaches and migraines to be “multi-factorial” in nature. What that means is that they are seldom caused by one single issue. Stress, muscular tension, sinus problems, environmental and food allergies, hormonal imbalances and many other factors can play a role.

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Treatments done through natural medicine:

These are some of the treatments that are done by the use of natural medicine:

1. Botanical medicines:
This is very traditional way of curing a disease. It involves very few risks and side effects. It is highly powerful and effective.

Watch this video from Mensah Medical if you are facing anxiety in life:

2. Homeopathy:
All homeopathy medicines are acquired through natural sources that include plants animals or minerals. This type of treatment is practiced in many countries. It is very safe for infants and children.

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