The Ice House Entrepreneurship Program is redefining how entrepreneurship education is being taught in classrooms and communities throughout the world.

Thom Ruhe
VP Entrepreneurship
The Kauffman Foundation


The Ice House Entrepreneurship Program “method” is wicked awesome. It turns the age-old misconceptions about entrepreneurism upside down and destroys the paradigm.

Gina L. Kinchlow


I stumbled on the Ice House Curriculum and thought I found the holy grail. It’s culturally relevant, accessible on many levels, and draws on the principles of effectuation which are being used in the top college entrepreneurial programs.

Robert Schwarz
Executive Director
Level Playing Field Institute


Not only was Gary’s message about grassroots entrepreneurship engaging and infectious, it is perhaps the most needed approach for getting the US economy and the developing world on track by fostering bottom up solutions that empower people to take charge of their lives and boost their local economies.

Steven Van Yoder
2013 Global Entrepreneurship Congress


I have been a student of self-improvement and business development strategies for many years, but the Ice House program has made the most impact in the shortest amount of time compared to other books I have read and courses I have taken. I thought I was about to engage in an exercise in entrepreneurial readiness. Imagine my amazement to learn I was taking a course in how to repair the human soul though self empowerment. I won’t gush, but it was really that impactful for me.

Ice House Graduate


I have never  sat through a training and not wanted to fall asleep or wish I was somewhere else. I loved every second and hung onto every word!!!

Alexandria Bonaquisto
Utah State University Eastern


Well done! World changing program!

Melissa Evens
Purdue University


Best learning experience ever!

Marjorie Bostwick
Single Moms Revolution Entrepreneurship Foundation


I really didn’t think coming into this class that it would really be life-changing – but that is what happened. This is the first class I have ever taken that helped me in real life.

Samuel M.
Johnson County Community College


I want you to know how you have influenced Chris and changed his life.

Wayne V.
Student parent


This class was both challenging and informative. I learned a great deal about entrepreneurship and myself.

Roger P.
Hudson Valley Community College


Much like Uncle Cleve, I also do not have any financial, intellectual or political advantage. Currently, I have the privilege to receive a college education, an achievement that no family member of mine has achieved. Nevertheless, if I can combine my knowledge from my college education along with the knowledge Uncle Cleve sought after, I feel that my chances to become a successful entrepreneur will increase tremendously. Overall, the book has given me inspiration to not only become a successful entrepreneur, but to also become a respectful, passionate young man.

Montclair State University


Uncle Cleve and Clifton are great examples of the individual who followed their dreams and reached their objectives. If people follow all the necessary steps and work hard, the sky would be the limit and nothing can stop them from reaching their dreams. I have my own dreams and reading this book encouraged me to follow them. It taught me anything is possible and with hard work we can achieve anything.

Montclair State University


As soon as I saw “Who Owns the Ice House,” I prejudged it and thought the book was not going to (be) my cup of tea. Boy, was I wrong. Every chapter in the book related to my life somehow and fears I encounter daily. It was shocking to keep reading and notice that I have heard a lot this wisdom before, but in a differed setting. It was definitely a very enjoyable book to read. One of the favorite quotes from the novel is this: “ The ability to choose the way we respond to our individual circumstances is perhaps the single most powerful ability to have as human beings.” If you think negatively, then you will not succeed. If you think positively, and have positive thoughts, you will be a driving force to success, just like Clifton exemplifies.

Montclair State University


This book really shows how you can create your own destiny. It’s not by luck of chance but through simple ideas and actions that create great successes.

Montclair State University


One thing that became very prevalent to me was the misconception of an entrepreneur. It is not a mail-order magic potion, or genetic mutation; it’s not a fat wallet or lucky strike. It’s simply a mindset. … Another profound point I gained was that Uncle Cleve’s lessons were not to be limited to just business. All eight life lessons can be implemented in all facets of life, and by doing so one can greatly raise their own standard of living. From saving money to surrounding yourself in positive, contributing people, these life lessons can have a profound impact, entrepreneur or not.

Montclair State University


This is a book I feel that could always be looked back upon to help myself out when I’m struggling for motivation. Anything is possible with the right mindset. That is the real lesson I learned from this book. …What is really great about the book is how true it is. I cannot count how many times I’ve hear people talk about themselves and how they can’t do it, they don’t have the money, their ideas aren’t good enough, and blah blah blah. I’ll admit I have felt that way sometimes, but this book just reassures me that it isn’t just me, and that I am my own blockade. I set my own limits, and I have the ability to do anything I set my mind to.

Montclair State University


Reading Who Owns the Ice House has been a powerful experience because it has really shown me the entrepreneurial skills and behaviors that I’ve already picked up on, without even knowing, but also outlines the skills that I still need to work on and have yet to master. … Reading Who Owns the Ice House has made me realize that I already have the beginning for the right mindset, but that I need to let go of old fears in order to take advantage of new opportunities. Bring it on!

Montclair State University


In the end, I view the book as (a) personal handbook to my person success for pursing a happy lifestyle. The first lesson, choice, spoke out to me the most because it initiates the other lessons to take effect.

Montclair State University


Uncle Cleve did not come from the best but he made a choice to make a better future for himself. From that lesson I learned that everything is in my reach I just have to make a choice to want it and choose to go after it. In a nutshell, I gained a greater mindset from the book. Being a senior in college this book gave me a greater opportunity to think about my future and the things that I want to obtain in the future. …After reading this book, I feel like life will not be that hard if I choose to live how Uncle Cleve did.

Montclair State University


I sometimes may feel incaable of growth due to the lack of knowledge but there’s a fire inside of me that keeps burning and pushes me to want to more out of myself and others. This enables me to continuously educate myself. … As an important lesson taught from this reading, it’s that the choices we make ultimately determine the fate of out lives.

Montclair State University


I applied the lessons of “Who Owns the Ice House?” to my life the day after I finished it. It filled me with the inspiration that I could do anything. If I work hard and keep at it, I can succeed like every other success story. “Who Owns the Ice House” changed my attitude towards work ethic and my attitude toward the future in a way I never have expected. When I first I had to read this book for class I thought it was going to be another boring book most classes assign. However, this book completely surpassed my expectations. After reading this book, I immediately wanted to go out and start working, saving, planning, looking for every opportunity to get myself to where I wanted to be. Every lesson Uncle Cleve taught is so unbelievably true I was shocked. I am extremely glad I was given the opportunity to read this book in class and grasp the key concepts to achieving my own dream one day.

Montclair State University


There are many people in this work that can give you all the tools to succeed but it also depends on you as a person to take the tools and go forward with them. This is the greatest thing I can take away from this book.

Montclair State University


It seems like it is near impossible to not have the urge to out and conquer the world after reading this book. …Knowing that is a real story is especially moving. Knowing someone’s life story could turn out so successful, not due to luck or special privilege, but to the mindset of being capable of conquering anything really eliminates any belief of not being good enough to follow your dreams.

Montclair State University


Upon completing this book I immediately realized the connection of Uncle Cleve and every successful entrepreneur I have read about. It’s led me to believe that success is truly a mentality. It showed that there is no turn-on switch to success; it’s a decision made by an individual that affects every personal trait in you.

Montclair State University


I come from a country where entrepreneurship is not necessarily encouraged. … But when I read about Uncle Cleve and how he can accomplish what he did in the circumstances he was in, I know I can do the same. Reading the life lesson about Action was a wakeup call. Chapter four eased a worry I have had for some time now. Starting college at a relative old age has made me feel like I am “wasting” my time or not fitting in the environment. But just as Uncle Cleve encouraged Taulbert to get formal learning even if he was not expected to get any education due to his circumstances, I feel convinced I made the right choice attending Montclair State University at my age. … Uncle Cleve’s life lessons are not science. Everyone has the ability to use these lessons. They are very simple and easy to explain but implementing the in the daily life takes determination. By keeping in mind the lessons Uncle Cleve taught Taulbert can change a common mindset to an entrepreneurial mindset.

Montclair State University


I will forever keep the lessons that were learned from Uncle Cleve in my head whenever I am faced with obstacles in the near or far future.

Montclair State University


After reading about the timeless principles, I was reminded of how persistence and hard work can definitely empower anyone to succeed. It is no surprise that these men became successful because they lived these words to their fullest extent.

Montclair State University


There are many important lessons in this simple book, but what engaged me the most was the challenge to start. To take action towards your goals and allow yourself the permission to fail and explore to see what works best for you. … I found the book to be an eye opener with simple yet strong suggestions as a wake-up call that our society so desperately needs in this twenty-first century.

Montclair State University


This book is not a how-to guide with illustrations and flow charts. It is something much more. To me, it was a lesson on changing my life. … I think the idea I took away from this book is that there is no road map to creating our future, whether person or business-related. The best we can do is strive to see our windows of opportunity, take them, and do our best to use them in order to continuously further ourselves.

Montclair State University


I have always had an interest in opening my own business, a desire planted in me from my father, who has owned his own delis and ran a catering business. However, before reading this book, this interest never seemed more than a daydream to me. The word “entrepreneur” used to have a discouraging sound, perhaps associated with a “genius IQ, specialized knowledge or technical skills,” as Taulbert says. By the time I closed the book, I truly felt enlightened. After listening to Uncle Cleve’s story, I had no excuse not to believe in my own fulfillment.

Montclair State University
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